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Data Center Power Busbar Solutions

Flexible, Reliable and Customizable Power Distribution and Monitoring Systems

By continuing to promote the concepts of innovation and smart yet simple design strategy, evolved to include four main product lines: Track Busway, Plug-In Raceway, Critical Power Monitor (CPM), and DC Solutions. For decades now the suite of products has provided industrial, retail, laboratory and mission critical and data center facilities with the most flexible, reliable and customizable power distribution systems on the market today.

Track Busway

Track Busway is a revolutionary, overhead power distribution system that is available in various sizes from 40 to 1200 amps. The systems most unique feature includes a continuous access slot, meaning power can be tapped at any location. This flexibility makes it the ideal solution for environments that are looking to expand or have the ability to change layouts; or those who would simply like to have these options available for the future.

Plug-In Raceway

Plug-In Raceway incorporates the concept of flexibility in a wall-mounted power distribution system. Instead of having fixed outlets along a wall that come with traditional wiring methods, Plug-In Raceway offers receptacles that can be snapped in anywhere along the installed backplane- supplying a connection to power wherever it’s needed.

Critical Power Monitor (CPM)

Critical Power Monitor (CPM) combines revenue-grade metering accuracy with the flexibility to choose how information is communicated. In addition to the optional display, a variety of Ethernet and serial communications interfaces facilitate seamless integration with BMS and DCIM packages. CPM may be configured for Track Busway applications, as well as standalone sub-metering.

DC Solutions

DC Solutions was created to offer a powerful, direct current (DC) alternative for data centers. As large power consumers, data centers require power support systems with flexible modularity, higher efficiency, more cost effective reliability, and a smaller footprint while enjoying the security of global safety listings. DC Solutions has developed the unique power support system technology that makes DC power for data centers a reality.

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