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Servers & Storage Solutions

The storage landscape is evolving from premium-priced proprietary hardware and software solutions to open industry-standard hardware. The benefits are significant: reduced vendor lock-in plus the ability to leverage new technologies like all-Flash NVMe solutions. Supermicro’s storage portfolio is the platform of choice for leading storage vendors and major hyperscale data centers. Easy-to-deploy 45-bay, 60-bay and 90-bay top loading storage systems.

Double the storage density in a 2U space with Simply Double systems.

Cost-effective 1U cold storage systems supporting 12x 3.5” drives + 4x NVMe drives.

Cloud-Defined Storage is a SaaS-based approach for on-premises, server-based enterprise storage that automates storage operations—no external array needed.

Cloud-Defined Storage (CDS), eliminates the need for a fibre channel SAN and flash storage array with a cloud-managed, server-based enterprise storage installed in Supermicro servers.

CDS is powered by a PCIe-based card called the Nebulon Services Processing Unit (SPU) pre-installed on Supermicro’s Ultra platform and a cloud-based control plane called Nebulon ON. The SPU runs a full stack of enterprise data services for shared or local storage applications, connects directly to the SSDs inside the server, and provides all the storage services needed for VMware or Linux-based applications running on that server. Unlike Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), no Nebulon software is installed on the server so the OS restrictions and server overhead of HCI simply don’t exist. CDS supports any OS or hypervisor, and VMs or application loads get 100% of the server’s CPU, memory and networking. CDS administration is done entirely from the Nebulon ON cloud control plane. Automated software updates, AI-assisted remote monitoring and administration, and fleet management are all standard with the Supermicro CDS solution.

Solution Benefits

Reduce operational overhead by up to 75%.

Benefit from AI-assisted analytics and administration, powerful automation at-scale and software updates as-a-service with cloud-based management

Reduce storage costs by up to 50%.

Eliminate the expense and complexity of storage arrays and 3-tier architectures

Use 100% of your server for any application, any OS Support critical workloads without the server CPU/memory/network overhead of HCI and SDS—run any virtualized, containerized, or bare metal applications.

No new vendor required.

The Nebulon solution and support is available as a server option from Supermicro.

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