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Seekers Aircraft

Seeker Aircraft, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CSI Aviation, Inc., is the original equipment manufacturer for the SB7L-360A and SB7L-360A2 Seeker. Seeker Aircraft is headquartered in Albuquerque, NM and Seeker aircraft are manufactured in Australia. All Seeker aircraft are certified by both the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the US Federal Aviation Administration. Arabian Development & Marketing Co. Ltd with Seeker Aircraft Inc’s mission is to provide the safest, most capable and most cost-effective expeditionary observation aircraft on the light aircraft market today in the region. ADMC’s expertise in Aerospace & Aviation help our customers anticipate tomorrow’s capability gaps and technology needs to grow their businesses and transform the way the world ships air-cargo. Sabrewing is creating innovative technologies at its ‘Dragonworks Lab’ in Silicon Valley to develop a new era of advanced unmanned cargo aircraft.

Mission Specific Application:

1. Border Patrol
2.Pipeline, Powerline and Rail line Patrol
3.Airborne Law Enforcement
4.Emergency Response
8.Natural Resource Management

The SEEKER aircrew have maximum situational awareness:
  • Side-by-side crew seating with small non-obscuring instrument pedestal.
  • Unrestricted 270 degree field of view
  • The wing mounted above and afr of the cabin means line of sight is maintained even under high angle of bank maneuvers.
  • Pusher enginer protects sensors from object kicked up by propeller.

Built for a Purpose:
The Seeker is made for one purpose – Surveillance. The Seeker was specifically designed to have more structural components aft of the cockpit to ensure the crew has unrestricted visibility. Seeker’s high lift wing, engine.

Special Mission Packages:
The Seeker is adaptable, customizable, and was designed for simple system integration. An aperture located directly under the nose permits EO/IR or other sensor mounting equipment. Sensors are mounted in the ideal location.

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