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Perimeter Security Systems

Perimeter Security Systems

Perimeter security system ensures safeguarding of the approach ways to an industrial facility or a privately owned parcel of land and is the first line of defense for an object. Due to a number of restrictions, a perimeter security system should be used in combination with some other security systems and alarms (such as video surveillance and intruder alarms).

Perimeter security system can protect not only the insides of industrial or business premises, but also the objects and articles of value located within the guarded area to ensure protection against burglary and vandalism. There are many types of perimeter security systems nowadays. Each of those systems has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is therefore very important to make a right decision as to the choice of the type of a perimeter security system for a particular facility.

RLTDR-Reflected Light Time Differential / Optical Time Domain Reflectometer/ microphone

1. Long range perimeter sensor up to 100 kilometers in total perimeter length (or 50km for looped zones)
2.Accuracy of +/- 5 meter detection ( OTDR work when the fiber is cut)
3.Utilizes a newly developed patent pending technology
4.Offers a unique and easily deployed intrusion detection system
5.Offers major cost reduction over other fiber solutions
6.Dual fibers in a single jacket provides more accurate signal response

The system can be used at:
Borders, Airports, Prisons, Pipe Lines, Railroad Tracks, Oil Platforms, Nuclear Plants, Chemical Plants, Government Installations and other High Security Facilities. The system alarm can also provide a GPS location to a DRONE for dispatch to the intrusion site for immediate inspection.

RLTDR FIBER SENSOR Specifications:
Electrical – 12 to 24 VDC or 9 to 18 VAC @ 2 amp into a 2.1mm receptacle. Maximum loop distance is 100 kilometers with a single controller. Intrusion detection zones are ±15 meters. 9/125μm Single mode fiber with ST fiber optic connectors Mechanical dimensions: 1U Rack Environmental: Temperature -3 to +55 degrees Centigrade Humidity 10-90% non-condensing

Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Specification:
Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Diameter = 4.6 mm UV and Flame Retardant Outer Sheath Inner Sheath of Aramid Yarn

MARINET Underwater Intrusion Detection System

Any attempt to cut, lift, crawl under, climb over or pass through the FiberNet will result in detection. 99.99% PROBABILITY OF DETECTION PLUS A VIRTUALLY ZERO FALSE ALARM RATE!

Effective and comprehensive. Designed for medium- to highsecurity risk installations, the MarineNet delivers the most reliable and effective front-line intrusion detection.

No Metal Components. Immune to interference from noise, radio frequencies, electromagnetic or electrostatic fields. Transparent to radar microwaves.

Durable. Our fiber-optic cable has a 30-year lifespan and will likely outlast your infrastructure! The MarineNet is unaffected by weather, harsh environments, corrosion or UV radiation; it can be installed in fresh or salt water. No False Alarms. The MarineNet is not affected by shock, vibration, or wind. Versatile. Can be installed as part of a comprehensive integrated system or stand-alone with dry-contact outputs. It can be installed freestanding or attached to any new or existing barriers. Integrated GUI. All BEI Security turn-key systems include our advanced System Command Center to provide immediate and reliable data relating to any intrusion attempt. The SCC is vendor-independent, and may be integrated with any new or existing equipment.

OptiLoop Property Protection

A variable length single fiber optic cable with ST connectors is threaded through the property to be protected. Infrared coded light is pulsed through the cable. Any attempt to remove the protected property will activate an alarm or monitor signal. A disconnection or breakage of the cable will produce visual and audible alarms for immediate response. Derived from BEI Security's unique FiberNetTM continuity sensor technology, the system is false alarm free and is easy to install and maintain. Like the FiberNetTM, the OptiLoop offers a 99.99% Probability of Detection plus a virtually zero false alarm rate!

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