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ADMC Management Team

Arabian Development and Marketing Co. Ltd is your one single destination for a legion of services. We provide an array of digital, electronic, and IT solutions. ADMC is the global leader, when it comes to providing Telecom, wireless systems, datacenter implementation, and IT related services. With a track record of excellence, spanning over three decades, we can provide personalized products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction.

We believe in a customer centered business approach. With a solid testimony of generations of happy clients, our aim is to banish the distance between clients and their desired products and services.

Message From CEO

Success is a path which demands vigorous determination. We at ADMC know that success cannot be attributed to a single key. Each and every single customer who goes out with a happy and satisfied face, holds the key to success. It is but a Herculean feat, that we managed to achieve, through mindful dedication and conscientious customer care.

What we started as a trading and contracting firm in 1984, has now grown to spread it's wings in to innumerable spheres. It was all part of a brilliant idea, a dream that we managed to implement, with enormous effort and passion. Our dedicated team of talents, global partners, and every single customer of ADMC contributed to our success. Thanks to all, and all the best!

Mohammad Bin Mutlaq Al-Gadhi
Message From GM

We are living in a world, where technology is advancing faster than we can conceive. Understanding the market is crucial for carving better strategies from available data. Our ambitious team is always vigilant, to recruit and adopt means to cater future requirements and develop marketing ideas well in advance. ADMC has many reputed international associates, through which we provide many services. We believe it is our duty to act as a role model for other young business endeavors. That is why we are eager to win the confidence and trust of clients.

We, hereby express our immense gratitude towards all of you, who helped us achieve what we are today.

Thanks to all, for being a part of our great ADMC family!

Ayman Zeibak
General Manager
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