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IT Infrastructure Solutions

Panduit’s industrial electrical and IT network infrastructure ensures smart, scalable, and efficient connectivity solutions across the enterprise to help you compete and succeed in a constantly evolving global marketplace. There is a rapid influx of smart equipment and connected devices that communicate on an industrial Ethernet network, which enables manufacturers to understand the performance of machines and processes like never before. Yet equally important to what is connected, is how devices are connected. New technologies enable manufacturers to manage infrastructure, deploy devices and share information in new ways.

Connecting Enterprise to the Plant Floor

Optimize industrial communication and the linkage from the enterprise throughout the plant floor by maintaining network uptime, segregating networks, managing network security, visualizing network assets and monitoring network information.Data center optimization requires reliable infrastructure to address power, cooling, assets, and connectivity challenges. Our pre-tested, validated solutions are purpose-built for interoperability, assuring equipment will function at peak performance - transforming your data center into a strategic asset.

Distributing Ethernet Throughout the Plant Floor

A simple and consistent network infrastructure that distributes Ethernet beyond the control room and throughout the plant floor improves Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), increases network visibility and resilience, and removes questionable required expansion of a switch cabinet.

Connecting Machines and Devices to Plant Floor Architecture

Systems throughout the factory floor are more connected which result in consistent Ethernet node growth. By utilizing best practices and guidelines, you can confidently deploy Ethernet networks on the manufacturing floor.

Strengthening the Network from the Ground Up

As more industrial operations are linked to enterprise networks, connectivity is pushed to devices that increase the amount of network access points. Manage the facility by implementing solutions to protect employees and infrastructure from hazards created by energized systems.

Industrial Ethernet Visualization and Monitoring

Automatically detect and document the devices on the plant floor network and monitor device interactions that can disrupt performance or availability.

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